3 Ways to Develop Creativity

Creativity may or may not be innate. Sure, natural talent plays a part. But one thing is for sure, creative abilities can be improved. It is not learnt, it is developed through action and transformation occurs through experience. It can be as simple as bringing your child out - to the park, the zoo, the market etc. Spend quality time doing things together. 

Here are 3 more simple ways to support your child's creativity:

1) Problem Solving : For a start, encourage your child to solve problems creatively by asking open-ended questions. For example, ask "What if" questions when reading your child a book. For our Fairytale Land Box, you could ask questions like "If you were Hansel, what would you have used instead of bread crumbs?", "What if you were the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, what would you do?" There are no right or wrong answers.

Encourage your child to think of alternative endings to his or her favourite stories. In our reading list, we recommend some fractured fairy tales to open your child's mind to different possibilities. 


2) Praise the Process: To keep the spark of creativity glowing, always bear in mind the growth mindset. Ask your child about how his or her masterpiece was created. Praise the process and not the product. This provides a safe environment for your child to make mistakes. 


3) Play Freely : Truth be told, adults aren't as creative as children because adults are often bogged down by rules. Invite your child to create, and not be bound by conventions.

For example, you can:

a) Give them a list of open-ended things to find (our Camping Adventures Box comes with a fun Scavenger Hunt List) and get them to use those items in a creation (check out our nature craft extension activity).

b) Use things not for their intended purpose (great opportunity for upcycling cardboard boxes, using different materials for sensory bins, creating letters with spaghetti noodles etc ) You get the idea.

Open-ended tools such as puppets, blocks and dough can be used repeatedly for different scenarios. This introduces the concept that all things have multiple uses and the sky's the limit. In our FairyTale Land Box, our Magic Dust Spell sensory writing activity involves using a DIY magic wand in magic dust. How cool is that!


Our themed boxes are always overflowing with open-ended tools to encourage creation. Follow our instructions, or don't. Try out multiple ways to play. Plant a seed of wonder, discovery and creativity in your child with Squizzel Box today.



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