5 Ways to Build Comprehension Skills Through Story Retelling

Every child loves a story. And once is never enough! Getting your little ones to retell stories they have heard is a key activity to early literacy development. 

Story retelling aids in vocabulary development and comprehension skills through talking about characters, settings and plots.

 To engage your child in the story, you can:

1) Point out a relationship between the child and an event or character in the story

2) Use props or toys to retell the story in the character's viewpoint

3) Hot Seat - Pretend to be the main character in the story and encourage your child to ask you questions. You can switch roles too! Ask questions like: Why did you do that? How did you feel when... ? 

4) Use sequencing picture cards as aids for your child to retell the story. 

5) Revisit the book and ask questions on what your child has noticed about the illustrations, how the characters look and point out visual cues like large prints that indicate a louder voice to build print awareness and visual literacy. 

Gift your child the love of reading today. 

Here, our little patron retells the story of The Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle using story sequencing cards. This is just one of the 10 fun-filled and enriching activities in our Camping Adventures Box. Get it here now. 



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