Family Travel Checklist: When You Are Traveling With Children

Family Travel Checklist

Traveling with your family is a great family-bonding activity that helps you get away from the distractions of everyday life. However, it is not always easy when we are traveling with young children. Whether it is a short flight or a long-haul overseas trip, it helps to be well-prepared to make your trip as smooth-sailing as can be. Here are some tips you might find helpful when traveling with young children. 

Pack Light

Beware of over-packing! Lugging around excess baggage can cause you more inconvenience and stress when traveling with young children. The souvenirs and shopping that you are bringing back from your holiday also adds on to the extra weight on your way back home! 

Look for hotels or resorts that offer rental services for essentials, such as cribs, baby car seats, high chairs, and more. If you require a stroller, opt for a light travel one. You can also opt for slings or baby carriers, that can offer you convenience when navigating the busy streets and keep your hands free. 

Prioritise Sleep

We tend to pack our schedules full of activities and places to visit when we are on holiday to make the best of our time. This might not be the best idea when we are traveling with young children, who can get cranky and have meltdowns when they are tired. Try to plan activities around your child's sleep routines at home, and take regular breaks throughout your day of fun. If you are crossing time zones, take note that this change can affect your child's sleep. 

In-flight Entertainment

Keeping your children well-behaved and entertained during the long hours of a flight can be challenging. It can help to prepare some in-flight entertainment to keep things fun and busy. You can bring along sticker books or colouring books to keep your child's imagination and hands busy. If you have a tablet device, load some of your children's favourite movies on. For older children, they might prefer some games, such as checkers or card games. 

Squizzel Box is a learning package with 10 hands-on activities for children aged 3 and above. Each box is packed with materials and step-by-step instructions for fuss-free fun. Bringing along an activity kit can keep your children entertained for hours while staying cozy on their seats. 

If you would like to pack lighter, you can opt for Squizzel Kits - single thematic activities sets. There are a variety of themes for you to choose from, from Dinosaur Excavation and Human Body Dissection Model, to 3D Puzzle Farm and Garden in a Bottle! 

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