Filling up your child's Emotional Bank Account

An emotional bank account is something like a bank account. Instead of money deposits, it's based on trust. 

Making deposits in an emotional bank account is as simple as greeting your child every morning, noticing what they are doing and spending time with them. A positive balance will determine how two of you interact and solve problems together.

Since we are exploring the theme of Community Helpers this month, here is another great idea for creating deposits in your child's emotional bank account. What's more, here are a couple of additional benefits:

Fosters bonding

Every member in the family can have a postbox and this allows everyone to write to one another whenever they feel like it. You can write words of encouragement,  talk about the plans for the weekend or even simple reminders. Remember how you felt when you received an an old school letter from your penpal? Your children should not be robbed of that sense of anticipation and opportunity too!


Encourages sharing of feelings

Feelings flow easier when we are writing. This builds vocabulary and writing skills in an authentic learning environment. You can let your children know about how much you appreciate the things they do, or remind them that you love them (especially after a meltdown or power tussle) 


In the Community Helpers Box, Mr Postman connects the community together by delivering letters from one part of the town to another. Pick up your very own Squizzel postcard and start writing today. 

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