4 Ways To Improve Parent-Child Relationships

Improving Parent-Child Relationships

The primary relationship a child would develop first in life is with their parent or caregivers. Children develop values, morals and understanding of the world around them through a positive parent-child relationship. In an ever-changing world, they look up to their parents for guidance, love, and a sense of security. You might be wondering, how can i strengthen my relationship with my child and build a loving and trusting environment between us? Building a positive parent-child relationship is a journey with ups and downs, while requiring lots of time and effort to maintain. Here are some techniques that can help you in your journey. 


Everybody loves to be heard and acknowledged, children are no exception. Acknowledge and validate your child's feelings when they feel open enough to share their thoughts. Offering a listening ear helps you to form a connection with each other, while encouraging a loving and trusting environment between you two, where they would feel safe to share any future issues or concerns with you. Listening to your child also allows you to set a good example for your child, instilling the value of mutual respect. This encourages them to listen to you too when you have something to share with them. 

    Verbalise Your Love 

    Verbalising your love through a simple "I love you" might feel foreign to many Asian families, who are used to showing love in different ways. Even if words of affirmation are not your first love language, it is important for you to tell them everyday, no matter what age they are. Verbalising your love for your child daily helps remind them that you love them unconditionally, even when they are being difficult or did something you do not like. These 3 simple words can go a long way in improving your relationship with your child. 

    Set Boundaries, Rules and Consequences

    Setting boundaries, rules and consequences provides the structure and guidance that children need in their growing years. Verbalise your expectations and come up with a written chart (with visuals if required) to ensure that your child understands. Consistent age-appropriate consequences should also be put in place. It is important to review and adjust boundaries, rules, and consequences as your child ages with each year. 

      Play Together


      Quality parent-child time spent together is invaluable to children, as these make up the best memories of their childhood. Set aside some time everyday to spend with your child distraction-free (that means no phones!) doing their favourite activities. Playing together is a great way to spend quality parent-child time, as it is the best opportunity for your growing child to develop language skills, express emotions, foster creativity, and learn about social skills. 

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