Inquiry Based Learning for Kids

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry based learning is a buzzword in education - but what does it really mean?

Rather than telling the learner what they need to know (sometimes we do that because it's convenient :x), this process focuses on the child's role in the learning process.

Our children are encouraged to explore the materials, ask questions and share ideas. 


3 Reasons Why

We like inquiry-based learning because

1) Child autonomy - It gives children the autonomy to question, investigate, reflect and offer creative solutions to problems.

2) Foster resilience - Children will face failures in this process of problem solving, but they will also learn to explore other solutions.

3) Growth mindset - Through trying different ways to solve a problem, children will develop the growth mindset - a self belief in the ability to learn things as long as they put their heart and mind to it. To them, mistakes are steps to success!


Facilitating Inquiry Based Learning

As parents, we can facilitate inquiry based learning by resisting the urge to provide answers (to buy some time for ourselves :x). Instead, let's lead the way for a process of self and world discovery through questioning techniques! 

How you facilitate really depends on the developmental level of your child. In the instructional booklet that comes with every Squizzel Box, we provide questions that you can use to ask your child to scaffold his/her learning and level up play. Interested to find out more? Get the Dinosaur Land box here today!

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