Origami for kids - 3 reasons why

Origami is the art of paper folding, often associated with Japanese culture. It is always fun to see how children always watch in wide-eyed wonder to see a simple piece of paper transform into a toy, decoration or something useful in just a few folds. Don't underestimate their abilities though, they can do it too!

Here are 3 reasons why you should start your kids on origami.

1) Development of math reasoning and sequencing skills

Origami is an attractive visual way of demonstrating symmetry, fractions and sequential steps. Often, many origami patterns involve symmetrical work, requiring the creator to repeat steps. It is also a venue for development of problem solving skills. Why does the end product look different? What went wrong? Problem identification and trouble shooting skills are definitely a must in this activity. 

2) Development of Social-emotional skills

Origami is good training for patience - people rarely get it right the first time, but when they finally do, the sense of achievement is amazing. It is therapeutic and at the end of the day, children take pride in their creation after finally achieving the end product. 

3) Brain stimulation and Motor skills

Origami is done with both hands. It is exercise not just for the hands, but the brain as well! Children start to remember steps as they usually do not just stop at one! It requires children to build listening and reading skills to follow instructions and the hand-eye coordination benefits are priceless.  

Best of all, you can start origami at any age! Simply start off by creating basic folds and create simple projects. Want a challenge? Access the video instructions for folding your very own origami ball here

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