Setting up a Makerspace at home

Makerspaces are places where kids can tinker, invent, and build to their hearts' content. They are great for developing creativity and learning. 

Bring in some fun at home with your own collection of maker tools and materials, and set up your makerspace with these steps.

Gather tools and materials

Here are some simple tools and materials which you may already have at home to get you started!

1. Cardboard - Instead of throwing these away, collect packaging boxes, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and other scraps. These make great bases for home projects. 

2. Art and craft supplies - Paint, paintbrushes, wire, buttons, scissors, paper, old magazines to cut up, washi tape, glue, masking tape, ice-cream sticks, yarn, ribbon, pom pom balls, stickers and other odds and ends provide endless possibilities for creative projects.

Get organised

Set up a creation space at a spot in the house so that the mess doesn't overwhelm later on. Keep your materials organised in labelled containers so that the little ones are able to access what they want easily. If space allows, you may even want to delineate room space to creation space (for lego building), art walk (for painting of art pieces), building space (storage of more bulky materials). Don't forget a reading corner - lined with fiction and non-fiction books to trigger your child's imagination.

Provide inspiration

With the set up in place, these provide an invitation to play and create for children. If they get stumped, you can always fall back on project ideas to get their creative juices flowing! Come up with a project idea or surf the web for existing ideas for inspiration. Alternatively, take a look at the "Under Construction" Box jam-packed with hands-on STEAM science, craft and discovery activities to get started!


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