Step by Step instructions for Hand Casting Kit Activity


What you need

Plaster of Paris roll

Bowl of water*



Gold paint

Trophy Base



Other colouring materials** 

*Not provided       


Step by Step

  1. Prep your work area with newspapers. 
  2. Cut a part of the plaster of Paris roll into strips. 
  3. Wet the strips. Once the strip achieves a pasty texture, put it on your hand.
  4. Cover your entire hand and wait to dry. Once dried, cut a slit at the side of your thumb and wiggle your hand free.
  5. Mend the slit with another plaster of Paris strip. Wait to dry


Here are some poses you can try!


Now it's time to decorate your hand cast!

  1. Prep your work area with newspapers.
  2. Paint your hand cast with the paint provided.
  3. You can decorate your hand trophy any way you like!
  4. Leave to dry.
  5. Use glue to secure the hand trophy to the base.
  6. Now, you can display your hand trophy or use it as an accessory stand!