Step by step Instructions of Jelly Sea Creatures Kit

What you need


·         Small container*

·         Brush

·         Stirrer

·         Coloured gel

·         Sea creatures mould

·         Calcium lactate

·         Water*

·         Sand, shells etc**

*Not provided

**Optional for small world play

Step by step

  1. Fill a small container with water and pour the packet of calcium lactate into the water.
  2. Stir the mixture with a stirrer until the calcium lactate is fully dissolved.
  3. Clean the mould with the brush provided.
  4. Soak the mould in the mixture for 10 seconds.
  5. Pick up the mould. Squeeze the coloured gel into the mould then slowly immerse in the mixture.
  6. While fully submerged, gently shake the mould left and right until the jelly sea creature comes off the mould.
  7. You can now create a small world with the creature you have created together with other materials at home!