1) Layers of the Rainforest

What you need

  • Lift the flap activity sheet

  • Animal template

  • Glue*

  • Scissors*

*Not provided

Step by step

1. Cut along the lines of the activity sheet and animal template.

2. Read the names of the different layers of the rainforest as you flip the layers one by one, starting from the Forest Floor (information on each layer is found on the back of each layer).

3. Talk about the animals that can be found in the various layers of the rainforest. As you talk about the animals, glue each animal card to the respective layer (see picture).

Guide: Animals in each layer of the rainforest

  • Emergent - flying fox and harpy eagle
  • Canopy - toucan, scarlet macaw, sloth, spider monkey, iguana
  • Understory - jaguar, anaconda, tarantula, anteater, tapir
  • Forest floor - earthworm, termite, poison dart frog, capybara


What you need

  • Tree kit
  • Wooden pegs

  • Animal print-out

  • glue*

  • scissors*

  • Colouring materials*
*Not provided

Step by step (making the tree)

1.Remove the backing of the tree to expose the sticky surface.

2. Roll the green tissue paper into small balls. Paste the balls onto the tree.

3. Continue until the whole tree is covered.

4. Roll the yellow tissue paper into long rectangular pieces and stick on the bottom part of the tree to create the tree trunk. You may add flowers/ fruits on the trees using the yellow tissue paper too!

 5. When you are done with the tree, keep it for the animal peg game play (see instructions below). 


Step by step (game play)

1. Cut out the animals from the print-out provided.

2. Paste two animals onto each wooden peg - one on each side of the peg.

3. Scramble the animal pegs and draw one out. Say the animal name and the layer it lives in.

4. Clip the peg onto the correct layer on the tree. Check your answer above. If you get it right, you can pick another peg. If you get it wrong, it’s the next player’s turn. Count the number of pegs clipped by each player when the pegs are all used up. The winner is the one who clips the most number of pegs!