5 Senses Box

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Did you know that our human brain is the organ that has the ability to use input from our five senses to tell us what we smell, see, taste, hear or feel?

In this box, we will learn all about our five senses - Sight, Hearing, Touch, Sound and Taste! Its craft galore - create your own texture sculpture using your sense of touch or create a spice painting that you can smell.

What types of taste can your tongue identify? Are you able to identify different foods with a blind taste test? Experience it yourself!

Explore more about your body and how your five senses are unique!


The activities with instruction booklet and materials provided in this box include:

  • Cognitive Development and Science Activities - Optical Illusion, Smell Detective, Blind Tasting, Tongue Map
  • Sensory play and Social Development - Texture Sculpture, Texture Crate
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Literacy - Spice Painting, Bird Whistle
  • Discovery of the world and Motor Skills - Stack-A-Cup, DIY Xylophone

 To further stretch learning, extension activity ideas are also provided.

Have more than 1 child? Instead of buying 2 of the same box, simply purchase a sibling pack! It comes with all the consumable materials such as craft materials and tools. Select '5 Senses Box + Sibling Pack' to order.