Desert Raiders Box

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We're heading to the desert!
Learn about the different kinds of deserts in the world and navigate your way through the desert on your four-wheel drive!

Learn about desert weather through hands-on science experiments. Meet desert animals and plants and discover their amazing adaptations. Take part in a camel race and read about who pooped in the desert!

Create your very own cactus and find out how it survives in the harsh weather conditions. Let your creativity flow by performing your very own sand art animation.



  • Aesthetic, Creative Expression and Sensory Play  – Pictures in the sand, Spike cactus
  • Cognitive development & Science activities – Desert maze, Heat, Wind, Plant adaptation
  • Motor skills & Discovery of the World – Desert 4-wheel drive, DIY sand art box
  • Literacy and Social & Emotional Development  Camel race, Book activity "Who Pooped in the Sonoran Desert"


To further stretch learning, extension activities are also provided on our website.

Have more than 1 child? Instead of buying 2 of the same box, simply purchase a sibling pack! It comes with all the consumable materials such as craft materials and tools. Select 'Desert Raiders Box + Sibling Pack' to order.