What Doctors Do Box

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It is hard to imagine what the inside of our bodies look like. This month, let us discover more about the body systems by looking through the lens of doctors. We learn about how our digestive, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal and muscular systems work together to keep us alive. 

What's more, we get hands-on practice with real world tools by becoming little doctors and dentists! 

Here are the 10 fun-filled and educational activities in store for our subscribers! Time for some home learning fun!


  • Science activities- Our Digestive System, Our Lungs, Our Blood Flow
  • Pretend play and Socio-emotional development– All about First Aid, What's up Doc? , This is the Way I Brush My Teeth, I'm a Dentist
  • Motor skills and Cognitive development– Our Skeletal Structure, Our Muscle Structure
  • Discovery of the World– Our Heartbeat

To further stretch learning, extension activities and suggested reading lists are also provided.

Have more than 1 child? Instead of buying 2 of the same box, simply purchase a sibling pack! It comes with all the consumable materials such as craft materials and tools. Select 'What Doctors Do Box + Sibling Pack' to order.