Space Exploration Box

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This is the start of our adventure into space!

Let’s journey into outer space and explore the moon and its craters, star formations, constellations and the solar system! We will also learn about astronauts and space travel through 10 fun and exciting hands-on activities!

  • Science activities - Life in Space
  • Sensory play and Socio-emotional development  – Moon craters and moon rocks, Galaxy in a Bottle
  • Motor skills and Cognitive development – Stars in a bag, Robotic arm
  • Craft and Creative expression - Constellation Torchlight, Space Rocket
  • Discovery of the World – I want to be an Astronaut, Our Solar System

To further stretch learning, extension activities and suggested reading lists are also provided.

Have more than 1 child? Instead of buying 2 of the same box, simply purchase a sibling pack! It comes with all the consumable materials such as craft materials and tools. Select 'Squizzel Box + Sibling Pack' to order.