4) Tree Climbers

What you need

  • colouring materials*
*Not provided 

Step by step

1. Decorate the tree trunk and branches with lines.

2. Paste the tree trunk on the black card paper. Stick only the sides for a 3D pop up effect. (Use the end product picture below as a gauge.)

3. Draw vein lines on the leaves. Stick the leaves around the tree trunk.

4. Colour and decorate the squirrel and acorn.

5. Decorate the exposed parts of the black card paper.


6. Decide on the position and stick the squirrel and acorn onto the trunk.

6. Now, your craft is complete! 




    What you need

    • Monkey limbs 
    • Fasteners
    • wooden sticks
    • light source (light from the mobile phone or torch light)*
    *Not provided and optional


    Step by step

    1. Fasten the limbs onto the monkey's body using the fasteners.

    2. Fasten the monkey's feet onto the wooden sticks.

    3. Control the way it moves by moving the sticks.

    Optional: Set up your own light show by shining a light source on the monkey. Watch the monkey move and dance!



    Many plant-eating animals live in the canopy—for example, monkeys, flying squirrels, and sharp-clawed woodpeckers. At the lower levels of the forest are animals that run, flutter, hop, and climb in the undergrowth. On the rainforest floor are such animals as chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants, pigs, deer, and leopards.
    Learn more about the rainforest food web in the picture below:

    Zoology vector created by brgfx - www.freepik.com