3) Rainforest Creatures

What you need

  • muffin cups
  • animal figurines
  • tempera paint
  • drawing paper*
*Not provided 

Step by step

1. Half-fill each of the muffin cups with tempera paint.

2. Place one animal figurine into each muffin cup and fill up the cup with paint.

3. Put the muffin cups into the freezer.

4. Once the paint is frozen, pop them out from the muffin cups.

5. Swirl the frozen cups around a piece of paper to create your painting or simply use your hands to paint!

6. After the paint melts, name the animal that is hiding in the paint cube. Identify the body parts and count the number of legs. 



    What you need

    • colouring materials (eg paint, crayons)*
    *Not provided


    Step by step

    1. Snap the twigs. Form the shape of the nest and glue the twigs onto the nest. 

    2. Pop out the bird from the cardboard template and colour the bird. 

    3. Roll the brown paper provided and stick onto the green cardboard paper. These will be the branches of the trees. Using your paintbrush, create the forest effect by dotting the paper with different shades of green paint. 

    4. Roll the plasticine into balls - these will be the eggs. Decorate the bird eggs and put them in the nest.