2) Rainforest People

What you need

  • Face paint sticks

Step by step

1. Paint your face using the face paint sticks provided in the box to reflect your mood.

2. Once you are done, ask a family member to guess your mood by looking at your painted face.

3. Get your family members to join in the fun! Have everyone paint their faces to reflect their mood, then take turns to guess each other’s mood!




    What you need


    Step by step

    1. Stretch the balloon to cover the opening of one cup.

    2. Put the sponge into another cup.

    3. Stretch another balloon to cover the opening of the cup with the sponge.

    4. Tap the drumstick on your drums. Do you hear any difference in the sound produced?

    5. Now, put the plasticine into the cup.

    6. Stretch the balloon to cover the opening of the cup. Is there a difference between this sound and those you heard previously?


    Do you know that besides animals, there are also people living in the rainforest? Tropical rainforests are home to tribal people who reply on their surroundings for food, shelter and medicine. Today, very few forest people live in traditional ways; most have been displaced by outside settlers or have been forced to give up their lifestyles by governments. The largest population of rainforest people live in the Amazon. Different tribes in the rainforest make music that are inspired by nature. Some celebrate life events with dancing, singing and making music using instruments made from materials found in the rainforest.